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We believe that buffing has gone unchanged for far too long, so it’s been our mission to bring you extraordinary buffing products that are both unique and innovative. We have designed an extremely user friendly line of wool and foam pads that offer superior performance and higher value.

Here are some of the features that make our buffing products unique.

Low Linting Wool Pads

FastCutSlice.jpgWe have created a wool buffing pad  that features a flexible proprietary backing for extended durability in the toughest buffing conditions.  Our unique steaming and delinting process eliminates pad sling with low fuzzing during use. 

Product: 38-141(TH)High Strength Foam Pads

Our polishing foam pads feature high strength German polyurethane foam developed for extreme durability under even the most brutal wear and tear. We utilize a reticulated breathable foam structure to assure safe buffing and ease of use. These advanced foam formulas achieve a brighter shine. 


Urethane Backing Plates plate_th1.png

These precision-engineered flexible urethane backing plates are the best in the industry today.  We offer solutions to all of your drill-attached, dual action / orbital, and rotary tool needs.  Our durability and performance are second to none.

We also offer many other specialty buffing products including, but not limited to, wax and tire dressing hand applicators, spot buff kits, microfiber detailing and drying towels, and headlight cover restoration kits.

With American Buffing Company you can be assured that you have come to the right place for premiere quality in buffing products . We guarantee your utmost satisfaction.

Please contact us with any questions you might have.

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